Environmental Issues

How to reduce global warming

The Earth Hour is approaching, and it is the apt time to pledge certain changes in your lifestyle to reduce the effects of global warming. Temperatures around the world are gradually rising from time to time, and this has caused severe effects on our environment. Due to global warming, the mountain glaciers are melting from time to time. If the temperature continues to increase at the present rate, it is predicted that the sea level will rise by 3-10 mm every year shortly. Changes in the climate cause violent storms which come with tsunamis and hurricanes.

Tips on minimizing the impact of global warming

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Instead of depending solely on your air conditioner for your cooling needs, adopt green building methods. Insulate your walls and roof, use weather guard paints that reduce the amount of heat that enters your house, build a terrace garden to ensure cooling; all these small steps make a big difference in your cooling requirements.

Drive smartly

Thanks to new technology; now it’s possible to drive the green and drive comfortably. Instead of taking your fuel guzzler to the office, buy an e-bike. E-bikes run on rechargeable batteries and do not use petrol or diesel. Of course, that would mean saving on your gasoline bills as well, which is an added incentive.

Use local products

This is perhaps the hardest to explain. Most of the things we get in the market today traverse a lot of distance to come to us. So, even when the product does not look like an energy guzzler, it has consumed a lot of energy reaching us by way of fuel. To minimize such a situation, use local products or products that come from nearby regions.

Use electricity wisely

Cut down on electricity by turning off the ligfdbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbfdbdfbdfbhts when you are not in a room. Unplug the electronic appliances when they are not in use. For your information, there are many devices which consume energy even they are not turned on. Hence, the best way to save the energy is to unplug them.

Use public transportation rather than taking out your car each time. If going grocery shopping, try walking up to the store or taking a bus. You could also use an option of carpooling while dropping your children to school or while going to work. You should ensure that the car you drive is fuel efficient and if possible uses alternative sources of ignition like biofuel or electricity.