Beginners Guide to Hair Follicle Drug Test

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This article is a beginner’s guide to hair follicle drug test. Have you at one time tried to learn how to pass a hair drug test but failed? Then this basic understanding is for you. It explains what hair follicle test is and discusses how it is done. It is also meant to give basic understanding for people who are new to hair follicle drug testing and are somehow interested in the technique.

What Is Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair follicle drug test is a method of drug screening thatconducting test involves analyzing a sample of hair follicle for the presence of drugs that the person is taken or was taking some time in the past. The drug, in this case, does not refer to medicinal drugs but to those drugs that are used for recreation. This is a screening rather than a diagnostic test. This means that a positive test does not necessary mean that there is drug in your body and a negative test does not mean the person as not used drugs.

Basis of Hair Follicle Drug Testing

The first thing to understand in the beginners guide to hair follicle drug test is the basis of the test. Recreational drugs are consumed by inhalation, ingestion or injection. The drug enters the bloodstream and is taken to almost all parts of the body that are supplied by blood. The two most important parts of the body that receive drug are the metabolizing organ and the hair follicle. The liver is that largest drug metabolizing organ in the body. Drug metabolizing organ breaks down the drug into its metabolites. The blood stream also carries These to two most important parts of the body, which are the organ of excretion and hair follicle. Excretory organ removes the drug from the body.

Storage of Drug in the Hair Follicle

bald hairThe drug is taken to the hair follicle through the blood. Drug taken to the hair follicle is stored in the hair from the time the follicle starts to grow till when it is naturally shed, or occasionally, when shaved real close to the skin. Thus, a drug taken over one year ago and stored in a follicle can be found in the follicle if the follicle still exists even if the person stopped using that drug. However, nowadays experts have come up with steps to help pot users to pass the drug test. Experts at have covered the best hair follicle detox shampoos to help you pass a hair drug test. We also have detox pills that can help you pass other drug test like the urine test. A good example is the famous 10 day toxin rid pills that works well in eliminating drug from your body system.

Site of Sampling Hair for Hair Follicle Drug Testing

The scalp is the common site for sampling hair for use in the test. The reason for this that scalp hair has a lifespan of 90 days. People who order the test are mostly interested in drug use of the person within the last 90 days. Another reason for this predilection is that even drug and drug metabolites in hair wane with time. It becomes harder to detect the drug after some time. Other than the scalp, hair samples can be taken from the trunk, armpits, and pubic regions.