Qualities of a Premium Chill E-Liquid?


It all starts with the ingredients used. Like other drinks and foods, customers want the assurance that their chill E-liquid is made from the best and highest quality ingredients. Since it is a new practice, manufacturers must ensure that their processes are well monitored and more so the quality control process. This is the only way to satisfy the customer.

E LiquidsThere are many factors which define the quality of ingredients, but we are going to focus on purity. The ingredients used to make the E-liquids should have a purity level of not less than 99%. The manufacturers strive to attain a purity level of 99.9% in all the ingredients used.

In addition to purity, the E-liquid brands should avoid any food additives that cause harmful effects to the users. Diacetyl is among the flavors which should not be included in the E juices. It has been found to result to popcorn lungs. Flavors which are oil based should be avoided as well. Reputable vape manufactures will, by all means, avoid these types of ingredients.


Superstar chefs will tell you that it is possible to make delicious foods with ordinary ingredients. The skill of the chef and the quality of ingredients used is what differentiates regular and premium E liquids. It takes skill and time to find out the right balance and ratios of the flavors. The above cannot be achieved overnight. The longer a chef has been in the industry, the better their rationing skills.

Flavor is subjective; different people will judge a flavor differently. It all depends on the person’s taste and preferences. Some people love natural flavors while others like the artificial ones. Others love complex flavors, and some would rather have it more subtle.


orange peach flavorSomeone is wondering what pricing has to do with the quality of E juices. We all understand that marketing plays a great role in how people see a brand. You can have the best recipe in the world, but without proper marketing, you will never get the attention of the market without proper marketing.

Buyers associate the price of your product with its quality. While it is true that price does not always reflect quality, we cannot ignore that fact that customers judge the quality of the brand depending on the pricing.

Packaging is another factor which affects the pricing and a great indicator of quality. All chill juice bottles should be hermetically sealed to avoid contaminations before and after the manufacturing process. The final pricing reflects the effort and time put in manufacturing a superb juice.