Qualities of a Premium Chill E-Liquid?


It all starts with the ingredients used. Like other drinks and foods, customers want the assurance that their chill E-liquid is made from the best and highest quality ingredients. Since it is a new practice, manufacturers must ensure that their processes are well monitored and more so the quality control process. This is the only way to satisfy the customer.

E LiquidsThere are many factors which define the quality of ingredients, but we are going to focus on purity. The ingredients used to make the E-liquids should have a purity level of not less than 99%. Make sure to check out the e juice brand Chill for these details. The manufacturers strive to attain a purity level of 99.9% in all the ingredients used.

In addition to purity, the E-liquid brands should avoid any food additives that cause harmful effects to the users. Diacetyl is among the flavors which should not be included in the E juices. It has been found to result to popcorn lungs. Flavors which are oil based should be avoided as well. Reputable vape manufactures will, by all means, avoid these types of ingredients.


Superstar chefs will tell you that it is possible to make delicious foods with ordinary ingredients. The skill of the chef and the quality of ingredients used is what differentiates regular and premium E liquids. It takes skill and time to find out the right balance and ratios of the flavors. The above cannot be achieved overnight. The longer a chef has been in the industry, the better their rationing skills.

Flavor is subjective; different people will judge a flavor differently. It all depends on the person’s taste and preferences. Some people love natural flavors while others like the artificial ones. Others love complex flavors, and some would rather have it more subtle.


orange peach flavorSomeone is wondering what pricing has to do with the quality of E juices. We all understand that marketing plays a great role in how people see a brand. You can have the best recipe in the world, but without proper marketing, you will never get the attention of the market without proper marketing.

Buyers associate the price of your product with its quality. While it is true that price does not always reflect quality, we cannot ignore that fact that customers judge the quality of the brand depending on the pricing.

Packaging is another factor which affects the pricing and a great indicator of quality. All chill juice bottles should be hermetically sealed to avoid contaminations before and after the manufacturing process. The final pricing reflects the effort and time put in manufacturing a superb juice.

Why Men are Looking to Enlarge their Penis


Over the recent past, penis enlargement has become popular and demanded by most men. Most men have preferred the do it yourself kind of penis enlargement using the titan gel because of its privacy aspects. With the demand for penis enlargement, there have also been several advances of penis enlargement. Professionals have had to understand the human physiology articulately so that the penis enlargement process can be easy and accessible.

However, the question is how men will benefit from the whole procedure of penis enlargement? This article here seeks to give answers to the question by explaining some of the benefits of penis enlargement. These benefits have captivated the minds of men and therefore explains their decision to have penis enlargement.

Aids in Improving Yourself in Various Ways

lack of confidenceAfter you get the results that you want, the momentum of progress will be much higher. This is exactly what happens with men after they get the results they want in penis enlargement. Once you have had your penis enlarged, you will have the desire to maintain or improve your fitness, focus on time and watch your diet as required. This will ensure that you are able to sustain the results that you have achieved. You will attain the willpower and motivation which will help you be successful in any self-improvement course.

Keeps You Aware of Health

confident manMost self-improvement procedures tend to make you aware of the aspects in life. Therefore, penis enlargement will also help you be aware of the life aspects that are key to life. For instance, if you love to have a bigger penis to improve your sexual health, you may end finding out related issues you may plan to improve on. This may include improving your libido, general energy and also your stamina. Most men tend to uncover these issues the moment they take time to get to understand what sex happiness and health entails.

Enhances Sexual Confidence

A man’s confidence may be brought down when he feels he is not doing the right thing as far as sexual health is concerned. Once you get to appreciate how you look, this will be a big plus for you because you will have positive attitude overall. Men who undergo penis enlargement will feel more confident as compared to before they underwent the process. The confidence will be not only in the bedroom but even outside h bedroom.